East Asian actors in Young Vic love fest: Opening the door

British East Asian Artists L to R: Michelle Lee, Lucy Sheen, Anna Chen, Jennifer Lim, Amanda Rogers, Paul Hyu, Kat Golding, Daniel York (minus Broderick Chow, Hi Ching and Chowee Leow) 

A fab time was had by all at today’s long awaited Open Space event hosted by Improbable at the Young Vic in London. It was scheduled last year but acquired an added significance when the British East Asian Artists had a widely publicised run-in with the Royal Shakespeare Company over their questionable casting of The Orphan of Zhao (in a triple-bill with Brecht’s Galileo and Pushkin’s Boris Godunov). Complaints flooded in from across the globe and helped draw nearly 200 participants including actors, writers, and theatre and casting professionals to today’s Opening the Door.

Pix by Anna Chen except for BEAA group shot taken by Ashley Thorpe on Anna’s Lumix.

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