What the Tory bottom-feeders and their Lib Dem low life human shield have done so far

Let’s have a quick Tory tally this Easter weekend in case they come to bury bad news, not raise it. How’s it going with the Ancien Regime and are we having fun yet?

Ever since they assumed power with the help of their Renfield Lib Dem crew, the unelected Tories have nicked from grannies, pasty-eaters, poor families, children, rough sleepers, college kids and the arts, while continuing to hack away at the NHS … but they have cut their own taxes. O brave new world that has such people, innit! Noble George Osborne, Boris Johnson et al.

This holiday weekend, we learn that London Mayor Boris Johnson skimmed £5.3mn from the homeless budget, no-one knows what for or where it is.

Not content with raids on pensions and the Granny Tax, plans are afoot to tax pensioners at source in Granny Tax II — this time it’s personal. Thus, a weekly pension of £107 miraculously turns into £86.

In a bit of a blur off the top of my head: Arts Council budget has been cut by 30 percent. The EMA £30 per week to college kids has gone. Cuts to services means that youth workers’ jobs have been lost. Everything is going up in price despite corporate profits being at a 50-year high. Supermarkets have been caught diddling the public. A world-leading forensic lab has gone.

Anyone still bleating about anarchist Trenton Oldfield should really STFU and focus on where we all are right now because if you can weigh all this up and it’s Oldfield’s protest that makes you reach for your gun, then you have not been paying attention. Swallow the red pill because the thieving elite in charge is dismantling British society before our eyes.

There’s no moral or intellectual content to Tory policy: money-making for their mates is all. Everything’s up for grabs like the Russian cowboys’ carve-up of state assets in the 1990s.

Not that I’m letting Labour off the hook, not when Tony and Cherie Blair (along with former health minister Alan Milburn) have their paws all over NHS privatisation. And certainly not when Jack Straw did what we all know he did on behalf of their Bush government friends and sent British subjects into rendition hell.

We are being run by some rather unpleasant people.

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