Total Politics Blog Award results 2011: Madam Miaow scores three places

Thanks to the hard-working scamps at Total Politics for the tough job of hosting the 2011 blog awards, counting and ranking all us deserving politicos.

I’m again number 52 in the left-wing blogs category, but I’m amazed to find that I’ve ranked twice elsewhere, too: number 31 in Top Media Bloggers and at 46 in Top Non-Aligned Bloggers. [Edit: I find I am also No 71 in Top Labour Blogs, oddly, and No 125 in UK Top Political Blogs overall.]

So, a big merci to all the readers who bothered to vote for me. And do try out some of my friends who also feature in the awards:

Splintered Sunrise
Harpy Marx
James Bloodworth (Obliged to Offend)
Laurie Penny (Penny Red and The Staggers)
Andy Newman (Socialist Unity)
Carl Packman (Raincoat Optimism)
Paul Mason
Dave Osler
Nick Cohen
David Allen Green (Jack of Kent)

Oh, yeah … one mo’ thang. Where’s me brag badge? WANNIT! WANNIT!! WANNIT!!!!

BTW, this is a comforting consolation prize as my car is smashed in from aquaplaning on the A30 on the way down to St Ives on Friday during fog on Bodmin Moor.

Madam Miaow says … visit Anna Chen’s website here:


Anna’s food blog here:

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