The Eurovision Song Contest: Charles Shaar Murray gets the blues

A very funny exchange between Charles Shaar Murray and Cheryl Baker from Bucks Fizz in today’s Guardian about the Eurovision Song Contest, showing they have more in common than you’d think.

Here’s a sample:

CSM: I’ve been thinking about what it is about this oom-pah stuff, or its modern, glitzy equivalent, that I don’t like, and I figure it’s because most of the music I like is derived from an African-American tradition – soul, blues, rock, reggae. But the Americans ain’t in it, the Latin Americans ain’t in it, the Caribbeans ain’t in it.
CB: In Eurovision? That’s because it’s Europe! Although there is Israel.
CSM: I have a problem with that. It’s like they’re saying, OK, we may be geographically in the Middle East, but culturally we’re down with you white folks. Here’s my Eurovision nightmare: this is what all popular music would have been like if the Nazis had won.
CB: Ha ha ha!

You can watch the Eurovision Song Contest tonight at 8pm on BBC1. If your tastes don’t run to such dazzling spectacle and you care for some variety, you can always watch Britain’s Got Talent followed by Piers Morgan on ITV. Nul points, schedulers.

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  1. Hah … just watched the VUNDERBAR Neil Gaiman-scripted Dr Who ep … and that's me done telly-wise for tonite. The Rory Gallagher Binge Weekend continues via dem shiny silver disks.

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