BP claim leak completely stopped by new cap

BP is now claiming the new cap has completely stopped the flow of oil from the Gulf of Mexico leak according to Channel 4 News.

This followed fears that further damage could have been done to the already weakened well bore and seabed. This isn’t the end of it. Two more days of tests are required to determine whether the cap and the well-bore can take the pressure. With hurricane season upon the region, BP’s sicentists and engineers have to work out whether they can leave the cap in place.

C4 News Science Correspondent Julian Rush writes the next 48 hours are vital:

The next 48 hours are crucial in BP’s attempts to stem the flow of oil, writes Channel 4 News Science Correspondent Julian Rush.They are proceeding very slowly and carefully for very good reason. The worst case scenario would be a well blow-out – a rupture in the sections of metal drill pipe that go down the hole for thousands of feet to the oil-bearing rocks. That could lead to oil surging up the hole uncontrollably and a gusher of unconstrained oil and gas that would dwarf the current disaster.

Waiting for more news and confirmation. Well, we live in hope.

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