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East Asian food ingredients, Chinese, Thai sauces and pastes
Last night over dinner with friends at Shanghai Blues in Holborn, accompanied by the smoothest of smooth Rioja Reservas, conversation turned to the blogosphere. I thought: I eat. I cook. I know … I’m going to start a new blog focusing entirely on food.

It’s called Anna Chen Eats, and I’ll be reviewing restaurants, interviewing Chinese chefs and restaurateurs, and writing about my own culinary endeavours.

My first blogpost is about what basics foodstuffs you need in the kitchen if you want to cook up a storm at a moment’s notice. Hope you pay me a visit. Feedback most welcome.

Now to get to grips with those widgets. My sidebar is looking very sad.

UPDATE: Anna Chen Eats East Asian Food blog has now moved to Blogger.

Madam Miaow says … visit Anna Chen’s website here:


Anna’s food blog here:

9 thoughts on “Anna Chen Eats: my new Asian food blog”

  1. Hiya, Christina. I'm still getting to grips with WordPress and their funny widgets. Can't yet tell the difference between menues, categories and pages. Will try and get the subscribe widget into the side bar.

    Wish you were on telly. Miss your political sense of humour, especially now we need all the satirists we can muster.

  2. Ooo …Wordpress can be a pain (and if you need any help etc. having grappled with the WordPress thingy then just say…I will be happy to help 🙂

    Have to say your food is wonderful (and speaking as a vegetarian), and I still make that salad dressing with lime juice, sesame oil and honey…yummy!

    Oh and Rioja Reservas…. lovely, lovely and lovely!!

  3. Gwei Mui, you'll spot all the things I'm doing wrong. But luckily I'm no purist and will be concentrating on down home cooking that makes me go yum!

    Of course, all feedback and suggestions will be most warmly welcomed. If you have a fave Chinese dish, perhaps a guest blog post once I'm up and running.

  4. Not meaning to be critical as the picture looks colourful, but ther are very few fresh ingredients, all that tinned & bottled stuff yuck & not environementaly friendly or sustainable; I will be off to the local(farmers) market tomorrow, where I can buy all the fresh food I need for the week at good prices but also grow a lot of stuff in my large garden; though sometimes wonder if it is worth it for a lot as it is quite hard work,strawberries are really good now & on my second crop already, yum.

  5. Hi Fit & Funny,

    Indeed, this is because the article is specifically about the ingredients to have in stock in your larder for meals at a moment's notice. I would expect to shop for fresh produce at least a couple of times a week depending on what's available in the shops nearby. Fresh fish, meat, vegetables and fruit won't necessarily be hanging around in the cupboard like the produce in the picture.

    I will be writing about freshly prepared ingredients for sauces and marinades (already written one about preparing fresh garlic).

    In my garden at the moment I am growing coriander, basil, bay leaves, chives, mint, tarragon and tomatoes. Plus tiny wild strawberries — hardly any of them but the taste is amazing, like strawberry flavouring in sweets from your childhood! That's when the squirrels, birds, slugs and snails don't get to them first.There are also pots of basil and coriander seedlings on the window sill. And my local greengrocer does lovely fresh elephant garlic and proper spinach with red roots instead of the silly baby spinach bags found in supermarkets.

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