The East is Pink: first gay marriage in China

We’ve come a long way since I was informed, when touring China with my parents in the glorious heyday of the Cultural Revolution, that there were no homosexuals in China. I remember this particularly vividly because my mother and I were looking at yet another pair of young guys walking hand in hand in Beijing when we were told this. It was so sweet.

And now, the China Daily reports the first gay marriage in China. Not surprising as, according to friends who know this sort of thing, China has a stunningly vibrant gay scene. Quite handy with men outnumbering women by 24 million due to the one-child policy. 24 million gay men? Roll on China Gay Pride

Hat-tip Ollie at Political Custard

UPDATE: Not to be outdone, here are snogging lesbians in Tiananmen Square

Hundreds of thousands dead in Haiti and the Pope says

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3 thoughts on “The East is Pink: first gay marriage in China”

  1. Whisper it, Harpy – the Catholic wing of the deniers community might read this and take it as a serious suggestion. They are easily provoked. Everything can be blamed on those sinful homosexuals if you are demented enough.

  2. Pope Benny came out with similar homophobic statements during Xmas 2008. It just makes my hackles rise reading his reactionary schmuckery.

    Hey, that's an idea for the Climate Change deniers….just blame it on lesbians and gay men and follow Pope Benny's edict. Jeeze

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