BBC Question Time: fascist fat boy goes into meltdown

Griffin screws pooch. Mystique blown. Martyrdom status denied. Looked like David Cameron played by Ricky Gervais. Cubed.

Nick Griffin on forced changes to the BNP’s constitution: “It’s not about colour.”

Bonnie Greer: “If I was your membership, I’d be scared.”


Be warned. One day they may find someone who’s good at this.

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9 thoughts on “BBC Question Time: fascist fat boy goes into meltdown”

  1. And his size and physical appearance relevant to his politics? If so, I really can't be a socialist either, so I'll tear up my party card in my pudgy fingers. I'm 54 and white as well, so it's looking worse and worse for me.

  2. Adolf Brent, ha, ha!

    Have to say they missed a trick last night. There would have been so many more potential Dr. Strangelove moments – where Griffin would have gone off message and stabbed himself in the glass eye with his pen or something – if they had allowed him to talk at length about more issues/policies. Let the working class audience hear, for instance, what he actually thinks about postal workers fighting the privatisation of their industry.

    Btw, thanks for the link, Miaow.

  3. I only watched about 5 mins of the smirking fascist scumbag. Agree with Madam Miaow re people sympathising with Griffin and especially (the mins I watched) was about immigration. And how the 3 main parties were outbidding each other on how racist they could be. It was vile and right-wing populism fans the flame of racism and hate.

    But the BBC gave him 'respectability' to Griffin, gave him a platform and let him speak no matter how disorganised and thick he came across, he was still given a platform to air his views.

    I was outside demonstrating, lots of trade union banners which was great. It was, in a tiny way, a kinda victory that the noise we made delayed filming. The cops were in full baton swing (more fists and boots). It was a good demo and we need to build upon that, make alliances etc.

  4. What an unattractive man he is *sigh* …

    And it isn't even as if a beautiful soul shines through that unprepossessing exterior: if anything, he seems even uglier on the inside.

    Nicky the G is, basically, the kind of guy you'd dread getting into a conversation with on a train or in the pub … a thoroughly unpleasant pub bore. You'd feel vaguely tainted just sharing a postal district with him.

    I'm glad he was on this show. If he'd been banned, he'd have been able to spin it that he and his acolytes had a legit grievance. As it was, they handed him the rope and he obligingly hung himself. Result.

    Even if I agreed with him on anything whatsoever (with the possible exception of the war in Iraq), I'd be embarrassed to have this pudgy poltroon, this embarrassing bad-suited blancmange, as my leader.

    As it is, I reckon he's set his cause back years.

    Once again: RESULT.

  5. Adolf Brent. Hyuck!

    Trouble is, outside the sophisticated metropolis wot is Lundun, some people might filter out the utter humiliation, sympathise with someone under such heavy fire and relate to what he has to say. It may sound irrational to us but it may be music to some people's ears.

    And next time we may not get so lucky. Next time they may find some young upcoming hotshot fascist with an eye on the gaping vacancy for a media-friendly far-right leader who's wilier, charming and doesn't come with the history of those quotes. What happens then?

  6. Or, as Serafinowicz is now calling him, Adolf Brent.

    Really, he'd been built up as this scary figure, and all you end up with is a blabbering tub of lard. Public school and Cambridge he may be, but bottom end of the class I think.

    I thought for a minute they had missed a trick in not putting on Brons, who does the avuncular teacher thing quite well. But Brons has an even more embarrassing past than Nazi Nick. And from what I've seen of the Griffin Jugend, most of them seem to have severe personality disorders.

    Worrying, as you say, that some day they may find someone good. But not for a while yet I think, and after the Radio 1 fiasco at least the BBC pulled their socks up. Next time, let's get Humphrys to give him a real tough grilling.

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