Tony Blair: King of the World

Pic: “I want THIS much!”

Now Neil and Glynis Kinnock join in the cheerleading for Tony Blair to be made President of Europe. What, only Europe, Tone?

How corrupt do you have to be to continue rewarding the man who took Britain into an illegal war with Iraq which pillaged that country’s resources, murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians, and has turned it into a basket case. It’s not like he hasn’t already been paid for services rendered, with JP Morgan shoving millions at him, the US lecture circuit syphoning dosh into his coffers, and Kuwait and Israel giving him vast sums.

And where was our peace envoy while this was happening? (Hat tip Socialist Unity)

Do they want the rest of the world to hate us?

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8 thoughts on “Tony Blair: King of the World”

  1. If you can find it, you really want to try Kopparberg elderflower and lime. Just discovered it last week, and it really is a gorgeous drink for the summer.

    In re Mr Tony, we can only hope that he's racked up enough enemies in Europe to sink him. But if Peter Oborne is right about his understanding with Cameron… it ain't looking good domestically.

  2. The possibilities for corruption under those circumstances are endless, Paul. We now know from the Parliamentary expenses scandal that politicians can't be trusted — a lack of checks is corrupting in itself.

    I can't drink Magners now that I've tasted proper scrumpy, although it's way better than tasteless Bulmers. I've recently discovered Kopparberg pear cider, this year's summer tipple of choice. And Pimms because that way I get my fruit intake.

  3. Oh dear just read the grammar on that last post. It may appear I've been celebarating a potential Irish no vote already!

  4. I agree completely with the sentiments expressed here if not all of the opinions. With regards to the Kinnocks living in fairyland quite so. Only it is a fairyland that (the EU) with no audited budgets and we pay for it. Interesting how the EU Commissioner’s expenses never get looked at. I hate the idea of Blair or indeed anyone being president of the EU. Really hope the Irish sink the treaty they're being strong armed into accepting. I'm stockpiling Guinness and Magners already.

  5. Don't worry, he'll never make it. Nobody here on the sensible side of La Manche is inclined to let him into office; the Kinnocks are living in fairyland (so what's new?).

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