Obama’s dark secret revealed: election hypnosis

Barack Obama hypnotises America

America’s wingnuts demonstrate how to admit defeat with grace and style.

I particularly like the bit that goes: ” … Assigning a meaningless task to the rational mind to distract it thus leaving the subject unguarded by the rational mind. …” (Hmm, not unlike my time on the left.)

Whereas this is how it really went …

Homer Simpson tries to vote

Johann Hari on four ticking timebombs for Barack Obama

STOP PRESS: Back to Earth with a bump. Barack Obama appoints right-winger to be his chief-of-staff.

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7 thoughts on “Obama’s dark secret revealed: election hypnosis”

  1. Yes, but comically, pathetically nasty with high amusement value for anyone with an IQ. At all.

    A friend sends me this item on the early stages of Obama’s Blair-like trajectory with the appointment of rabid right-winger Rahm Emanuel to be his chief-of-staff:

    Pro-war, pro-business, NAFTA founder, banker Emanuel will set the pace for Obama in office. I have to say that nice Mr Nader is looking nicer all the time.

  2. “Pro-war, pro-business, NAFTA founder, banker Emanuel will set the pace for Obama in office. I have to say that nice Mr Nader is looking nicer all the time.”

    Yeah, and the Democrat Party is pro-capitalist. And Obama doesn’t support immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq, he seems to support an international presence. And will he cease the wholesale stealing of Iraqi oil?

  3. Ooh! I know how to highlight words too! I love how they use the crazy X-Files/Xenu music and monotone Anonymous-type vocals to try to make it seem extraterrestrial or supernatural. And using the words "and, but, or, nor & for"? I see it now! Voodoo mind tricks!!!
    "Obama said 'I am Jesus'-not exactly in the same sentence or even in the same week, but nonetheless he absolutely said 'I' 'Am' and 'Jesus' Also, Obama consists of letters contained in the alphabet. So does Hitler. Coincidence? Of course not."

  4. Arf!!! Exactly, Mrs M. It proves a point. Obama is a devilish agent not of this world. Send in the Men In Black.

    How increasingly desperate are the Republicans? “The dog ate my election.”

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