Madam Miaow on the radio: world leaders at the Olympics

Stop me before I broadcast again!

Like the song says, I’m just a girl who can’t say no. Hence my appearance (against my better judgement) on tonight’s BBC World Service programme, “World Have Your Say”.

Tonight we were mostly discussing the Olympics, and host Ross Atkins asked if we thought our leaders should attend the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. Gordon Brown, sly dog that he is, has had an appointment washing his hair (or whatever) marked in his diary for months. But he insists it’s not a boycott. Does this man want to have his cake and eat it or what?!

My answer: yes. And let’s see how this rebounds for the 2012 Olympics when everyone who’s suffered at the hands of the US and Britain learns from the Free Tibet protesters, and then some!

Anyhow, you can listen to the podcast for seven days:
World Have Your Say: Olympic Boycott

Next week I’m on “World Shut Your Mouth”.

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3 thoughts on “Madam Miaow on the radio: world leaders at the Olympics”

  1. You were very good btw.

    I mean, if there’s a boycott of the Beijing Olympics then surely there should be one for the 2012 ones in London….

    Not just about Britain’s imperialist adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan (and possibly Iran by then and gawds knows where else…!!)but the fact that cash has been chucked at the Olympics while voluntary orgs/charities have been starved of funds (it will get worse) and it will be one 2-wk elitist jamboree….

    I will certainly be out of the country in 2012…..Booking my hols now..

  2. WTF??
    OK…WHAT does the US have to do with the BRITISH Olympics??
    And hey – I’m gonna boycott the Olympics in Paris if they ever get them ‘cos some French dude broke my heart!!
    Makes about as much sense.
    Tell me what nation has NEVER hurt ANYONE?

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