A Bad Case of the Trots

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A Bad Case of the Trots

Printed in Tribune, 5th September 2003.

Plus ca change …

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20 thoughts on “A Bad Case of the Trots”

  1. Can I be referee? You know, give them the pre-fight chit-chat…

    “Now lads, keep it clean, no hitting below the belt and no quoting lines and positions, that’s not why the punters are here..Ok..Watching you both. Now, Galloway..stub your cigar out, you know it’s a no smoking enviroment.. The health of the punters is important… Now, you’ll hear the bell and lads, give it some action…None of this mockney leaders of the Left shite. Just get stuck in and may the best loser win. Good luck”!

    How’s that? Showing equal concern…

  2. ” Showing equal concern…”

    How do you referee a slugfest between one bully and a bigger bully?

    I hope someone is organising some sort of sweepstake.

    How long before “The Party” walks out. Will there be fisticuffs? Or merely a bit of shoving and growling? Will we have to read reams and reams about the event afterwards with every speech, sentence, word, pause and breath gone over and over and over? (Yes)

    Wonder if they’ll stick it on YouTube and let the rank and file judge for themselves.

  3. Yeah, “How do you referee a slugfest between one bully and a bigger bully”? Indeed…we should take a revolutionary defeatist line.

    Yep, probably will be on YouTube as well. Wonder how many hits it will incur…..

  4. Miaow: “Will we have to read reams and reams about the event afterwards “

    Probably not actually, the SWP are not great on post-match analysis.
    they will just move on to the next thing.

  5. and anyway, probably best not to read it.

    Nowadays you only need to look at the title of the SWp’s theoretical articles and you pretty much know what they are going to say.

  6. Over on the SU blog there is a disussion of where sayings come from like “dogs in the street”

    it reminds me of something that was used a lot in the faction figt in the SSP to describe Sheridan’s chums:

    ” a big boy did it and ran away”

  7. “How’s that one go? And can we snort it?”

    LOL!!!! 🙂

    Yeah, Lenin (real one not the ickle boy wonder over in his student tomb…)may have been following the line happily….and came up with some fantastic theories…And the whole party followed that same line…and hey, comrades, chill out, no worries about tendencies and factions..we are all one big happy Bolshevik party….

  8. On the Socialist Unity blog there’s a joint Salma Yaqoob & Londa Smith piece called “RESPECT does not belong to the SWP”. Followed by 121 (at time of typing)comments. The part of it that stood out for me was:

    “At both these meetings there was an agreement that the relationship between leading SWP and non-SWP members in Respect had fundamentally and irretrievably broken down and that there had to be a rapid but amicable separation if we were to avoid a profoundly destructive continuation of the divisions which now exist inside Respect. The principal issue was what names the two successor organisations would have.”

    Surely those names are “People’s Front of Judea” and “Judean People’s Front”?

  9. Life imitates art imitating life, AngloNoel. The two names being bandied about for use after the split are Respect Independent and Socialist Respect.

    Wonder if they know how Monty Python this all is.

  10. “YOu should know by now that humour is a petit-bourgeois diversion from the class struggle comrade”.

    Dammit Noel! Is that why nobody got my joke on SU about the security at the Saudi procession being tighter than Joan Rivers’ face? Just too petit-bourgeois

  11. “Yes, I couldn’t believe that. Po-faced or what?!!”

    Yeah, I even asked another mate as he is not into this entertainment malarky or has heard of Joan Rivers and even he got it…..

    Left- humour is to be avoided at all costs as it is a distraction from the class struggle…..

    Any smiling or laughing or joking penalty will be forced to read the internal bulletins/docs of every trot organisation and then write a 30,000 word essay on the nature of the class struggle and the Left’s orientation towards building the Left alternative…..

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