The Hothouse Project alternative counter-culture education group now on Facebook

Charles Shaar Murray’s Journalism as Craft and Art writing course goes live tonight in NW6 for eight weeks.

The Hothouse Project is now on Facebook and here’s what amounts to our manifesto:

Charles Shaar Murray’s “Journalism as Craft and Art” writing course is the basis of our alternative education group, The Hothouse Project, featuring the best of the ideals and artistic values of classic counter-culture. We share rigorous, hard-headed journalistic craft, to bring literary quality into even the most mundane journalistic tasks, and offer an inspiring alternative to the flatlining culture, showing you how to inject style and subversion into a timid, conformist media landscape. We’ll skill you up, sharpen your claws, broaden your bandwith and widescreen your horizons. Covering writing skills from journalism to poetry and publishing.

Don’t worry if you missed this one — there’s another one along in the Spring — details to come. Get in touch if you wish to know more or reserve a place.

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