Steve Bell on Tony Blair and rendition

Heh! This is pretty much how I see Blair after he helped start the Iraq war using the dodgy dossier and other untruths to initiate a conflagration that still cripples that country today, not to mention the cost in money and lives to Britain.

The bank that gained most out of the Iraq war was JP Morgan in its role as co-ordinating the institutions syphoning loot out of the country. Guess which bank pays Blair £2 million a year? Then there were all the other little tips and stipends, such as the million quid from the Israeli university. Interesting how American imperialist interests find all sorts of channels to pay their man.

And guess who, along with his lovely wife, is preparing their companies for the carve-up of the NHS? No, surely not the former leader of the Labour Party? Health clinics in Sainsbury’s and Tesco, anyone?

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