Steampunk Opium Wars VIDEO: Lin Zexu Just Says No!

Here’s the first extract from The Steampunk Opium Wars which debuted at the National Maritime Museum on Thursday.

The story so far …

The East India Company has been growing mass-produced opium in Bengal and swamping China with the narcotic, turning an aristocratic vice into a mass addiction. The Emperor calls in Commissioner Lin Zexu to enforce the ban on opium and stop the British drug smuggling operation.

Song: “Lin Zexu Just Says No!”

With Hugo Trebels, Louise Whittle, Anna Chen, John Crow, Paul Anderson. Music from Charles Shaar Murray and Marc Jefferies. Video footage by Jeff Willis — additional material by Oliver Shykles. Lin Zexu portrait by Sukey Parnell. Show still by Jan Jefferies. Edited by Anna Chen.

Pictures here

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What they said …

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