St Ives Arts Festival heaven 2011: Porthmeor Beach

Anna with Steve Ingamells on the balcony of the flat he and Denise were renting.

Here, for your pleasure, a selection of pix from my stay in St Ives during the Arts Festival. More to come.

St Ives Festival 2011: Intro and “Kicking A Dinosaur” video
St Ives Festival 2011: “Big Society: on a conversation in the Foundling Museum” video
St Ives Festival 2011 pix: Artists & Tate Balloons
St Ives Festival 2011 pix: The Island and St Nicholas Chapel

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2 thoughts on “St Ives Arts Festival heaven 2011: Porthmeor Beach”

  1. The two pix at the top of the post are beautiful.The day time pic of the sea through the shade of the houses is lovely and the sunset is sublime 🙂 Oh, and the windswept pic of you, MM, is lovely too with the picturesque background. Great place St Ives.

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