Farrago Poetry Slam: Anna Chen’s bits

Last night’s Farrago Summer Poetry Slam, hosted by the tireless John Paul O’Neill, was another wonderful evening of poetry from a wide range of performers. I love these events as they allow beginners to try their material in a friendly atmosphere, as well as veterans of the circuit like Fran Landesman, now in her 80s, to strut their magnificent stuff. I discovered Las Zorras, two Edinburgh-based super-talented women poets and musicians reminiscent of a multilingual Laurie Anderson. Hope to see a lot more of them.

Congratulations to joint winners Christopher Kraken & Richard Marsh.

Some of the young slammers are producing astonishingly good work so do try out the next one, next week on August 12th 7:30pm.

I was invited to perform as a featured poet so I did Poe, Daddy Freud, Yellowface and Anna May Wong Must Die! [especially apt considering the rehashing of the tired old stereotypes I lampoon in this poem, broadcast as Sherlock at the weekend]. Thanks to the audience for getting all my jokes and making it a thoroughly enjoyable night. The only thing that could improve it is if the RADA Café bring back Happy Hour. Thanks to the staff and everyone including AngloNoel and Loved One for support.

Winners Christopher Kraken & Richard Marsh by John Paul O’Neill

Madam Miaow says … visit Anna Chen’s website here:


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  1. Video great…You were fantastic mate!! Anna May Wong Must Die is so utterly powerful. Sorry I couldn't get to the slam, to show support and all…. Hopefully next time … 🙂

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