Chopsticks At Dawn: May Kway original of Rose, Rose, I Love You

Here’s a YouTube recording of May Kway Oh May Kway by Miss Huey Lee, the original Chinese song that became Frankie Laine’s hit, Rose, Rose, I Love You which I featured on Chopsticks At Dawn, my Radio 4 programme looking at orientalism in Western music.

Several people have now contacted me to let me know that they were aware that the song had Asian origins. So thank you all. It was a lovely example of a song that respected the culture it came from.

Thanks to Charlie Pottins for tracking it down.

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2 thoughts on “Chopsticks At Dawn: May Kway original of Rose, Rose, I Love You”

  1. Well that's a big improvement on Frankie Lane! Just listened to your radio prog and found it entertaining and enlightening at the same time – radio at its best. Good stuff!

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