Christmas cheer in the age of the credit crunch

Bad Santa says, “Gimme all your money and help the poor bankers this Xmas”

Merry Christmas and festive greetings to all my fellow bloggers and readers.

Our oven’s on the fritz so for the first time EVAH I have no Xmas duck. However, Santa may be bringing a big steak for the Big Day, with a knob of duck pate on top as a sort of poor person’s Tournedos Rossini (I have no recipe. I am just making this up and hoping that pond and pasture make for a good mix). Washed down with Baileys and Snowballs. Mmmm …. Good thing I have a stomach of steel. The lining, that is, not the abs. Sadly.

We moved the big TV from its usual place where it dominates the room and takes up acres of space, as well as being a dead giveaway over my predilection for too much telly. It’s out of the way in the fireplace (unlit) and I’m now gazing forlornly at the hole in the room where a Xmas tree should have stood. I have decorations going back to my childhood and putting up the tree is always a fabulous way of invoking ghosts from the past. But we missed it.

Make the most of this year’s Xmas cheer. Next year our fairy might be perched on a twig with a single glass ball — broke — and we might be dining on a potato nicked from an allotment, roasted on the open fire of what remains of our lives.

The Age of Enlightenment. Was that it, then?

Bah humbug but very sweetly.

Madam Miaow

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5 thoughts on “Christmas cheer in the age of the credit crunch”

  1. Thank you, Harpy. Same to you with knobs (of duck paté) on.

    BTW, what does a veggie have for her Xmas dinner?

    Due to an invitingly hoovered floor that is no longer crunchy underfoot, I've spent today doing my yoga and exercises for the first time in ages.

    Now to fog up my freshly cleared mind with alcomahol.

  2. Well, hope it goes ok with your xmas dinner, Madam Miaow. Booze is always a good substitute. Shame about the oven.

    Hope a good one anyways…..

  3. Omigod. OK, I concede. You definitely win the crap Christmas award. Unless it brings you all closer together, what with the preponderance of Yuletide logs floating around and everythang

    Merry Xmas, Mrs M.


  4. My condolences are with you!!! I can totally relate to the oven problem because my inlaws are up visting us and our freakin toilet just broke. The toilet! You can live without a lot of things, but that isn't one of them. *tears!Merry Christmas though. I hope you have a beautiful time!

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