Frontiers woman, survivalist and chair repairer.

I’m exactly the sort of woman you lads need come the apocalypse.

This morning I murdered a hedge. Or at least I cut an overgrown privet down to knee level on the understanding that said shrub and cockroaches will be the only organisms to survive the coming cataclysm if Nato and Putin have their way.

This afternoon I repaired the cane seat of the Marcus Breuer chair through which I fall every time I wish to do any work. It’s been driving me crazy so I sent away for the bits, watched a How To video on You Tube, et voila. My lovely stylish yet comfortable chair restored to former glory and ready for the Chen butt.

Next week on Madam Miaow, how to skin a goat with your teeth.

The problem …
Clear out the splining (wooden beading).
Soak your cane webbing for 20 minutes and then line it up.
Use halves of wooden pegs as wedges to drive the soaked and softened cane into the groove.
Apply wood glue to groove, hammer in new spline, and here it is!
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