HSBC’s record drugs money laundering fine: from Opium Wars to Mexican drug lords

Ain’t life funny?

The HSBC started off in the 19th century opium wars, servicing the British narcocapitalists, and here they are still at it, laundering drugs money for Mexican drugs lords.

You’d think, given the severity of US drugs laws and how they slap every spliffer and cannabis-dealing youth into jail — especially if they’re black — that proportionately, the suits behind the mega-bucks Class A drug loot would find themselves dropping their soap in the showers along with the rest of the small-time felons.

However, you’d be wrong. For some strange unfathomable reason, the drug-profiting HSBC has been let off with a £1.2 billion fine to “settle allegations” in the US that they laundered money. Oh, and then there’re the global terrorist funds they put through the wash as well, but no-one’s been locked up.

So do remember that if ever you’re caught with a wrap of coke or a joint.

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