Time is All Wrong: new poem about bankers, politicians, crisis and us

The bankers staged a coup while out attention was elsewhere and now everything is run for them. This item from December— found by Niall Spooner-Harvey — sums up the situation:

Unchecked by toothless regulators and set free by poorly drawn capital requirements, the banks rampaged across the continent, chucking cheap money at Greece and Italy, on the tacit assumption, now explicit, that if something went wrong, their richer friends in the eurozone would bail them out.

So I just wrote this.

Time is All Wrong

Time is all wrong, the wrong way round
We are caught in the slack wake
Trailing the event to the horizon’s
Razor edge and the Fall.

Where is the slick anticipation,
The chess-player’s stratagem?
Too late the creeping realisation
Slow-burns to a new dawn

Of how philosophers were babes after all,
How we were mastered when
We thought we were free
And history was at an end.

It was just a new start
The sky casts its net
They have us in their sights
We were asleep and awaken too late.

(c) Anna Chen 2nd June 2012

Inspired by Paul Krugman, Greg Palast and the voices of those who took the red pill now being heard.

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