Looting at the top: Marie Antoinette meet George Orwell

The two million dollar bra

The looting at the top carries on apace. While we wait for the results of the next vote on the break-up of the NHS, here’s a delightful Rogues’ Gallery of Tory peers and their connections to private health companies.

Essentially, they are privatising our public services, removing the wealth via tax havens, making the majority capitalise their banks, finding more mad luxury items to waste our money on at a time when corporate profits are at a 50-year high and the Sunday Times Rich List is breaking records.

Luxury items include the £100 million yacht recently built for former Miss UK Kirsty Bertarelli and her Swiss pharma tycoon husband, multi-million dollar bras, spider silk fabric because they reckon they’re worth it and Beckham and Ecclestone owning Birkin handbags worth between £500K – £1.5 million. Ever suspect we are being run by a bunch of degenerates?

The Tories were not elected to power and have no mandate for any of this. Their Lib Dems human shields are helping to usher in major healthcare companies in a feeding frenzy as they use tax havens to suck out public money. Lib Dems who talk about “bloated public services” being the problem are ill-informed at best. A friend tells me that, according to a World Service report, over 30% of local authority expenditures are private ‘Special Services’ run by ex civil servents who avoid income tax on their fees by being paid directly by the private company.

Meanwhile, the cop with the machine gun in Trafalgar Square on Saturday’s NHS protest goes unreported in the mainstream press.Welcome to Britain, George Orwell stylee.

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