English Defence League pig march on East End mosque

How touching that the much maligned and misunderstood English Defence League should insist that they are not racist to anyone who’ll listen, especially in the wake of their admirer Britvic’s shooting skirmish in Norway. Nope, not racist at all. I stand corrected.

Here’s a video of the respectable EDL preparing to march on a mosque in London’s East End in order to prove their non-racist credentials.

Wasn’t quite sure who it was the police were protecting, but I’m sure they had fun and lovely overtime.

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1 thought on “English Defence League pig march on East End mosque”

  1. I ended up having an argument with a senior cop (bronze commander, no less,….I am going up in the world…) because the fascists were allowed to go not as a whole block but as dribs and drabs or how many the EDL stewards could drag from the White Hart pub. They were staggering off in any old direction, I asked the cop Bronze whether it occurred to him where these fascist thugs were wandering? Didn't seem to care. I disagree with the banning as it's about mobilising against these fascists as opposed to state ban and as we know the state isn't neutral. Outside the pub they were leering and shouting abuse at two Asian men who walked past… cops were nowhere to be seen. And you could hear them commenting about "ethnic minorities"… etc.

    I went down near Wentworth Street and Commercial St while the cops were penning the fascists in Liverpool Street in the local pubs (no surprise there!), there were young Asian men and women stewarding and the FIT cop was filming them. One passerby asked, "Will you be filming the EDL as well"? The cop looked sheepish and said "yes"……

    The state still regards young Muslims as more of a threat then fascists. Peter Tatchell is wrong, the EDL are not just "idiots" their politics are based on hate and violence. You cannot dismiss them as idiots they are a violent threat and terrorists.

    I was fortunate taking pix of the EDL they didn't target me but other photographers were, some were physically and verbally abused, one was sexually assaulted and the f*ckers tried to set Jules M. on fire, fortunately the burns were minor.

    This is the true ugly violent racist fascist face of the EDL.

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