Jack Straw’s sex fantasy about dark men and white girls

Cor! They were THIS big!

So Jack Straw draws on the age-old slur regarding men of colour and white women, with the accusation that “some British Pakistani men regard white girls as ‘easy meat’ for sexual abuse”.

I believe this was also the chief fantasy of the Ku Klux Klan when they lynched black men in the Deep South during the days of Jim Crow.

Funny how we are dehumanising Pakistani males at the same time as we are blowing innocent Pakistani people to smithereens in their own homeland with drones, one of the most cowardly forms of military killing machine ever devised. What a fortuitous bit of mind-frakking.

Rather than deal with the breakdown of our society as the rich suck up all the remaining wealth, and having an honest look at how the resulting stresses affect human relations, we demonise an entire race group. Is Straw seriously saying that these men would never have targeted non-white girls? That white men don’t traffic and abuse women?

Doesn’t any group of males from a background where religious morality sets the standards for behaviour tend to have screwed up attitudes towards women? It manifests in differing ways but there are parallels, the common factors being a sense of ownership of women’s sexuality.

Far from being dangerous, I remember the wave of Bangladeshi men who migrated to the East End in the 1970s as being kind to kids, presumably because they missed their own children back home or had yet to have their own families. It was they who were in harm’s way, beaten and abused by skinhead gangs who shared the views of swathes of the media and the odd MP.

The Guardian reports:

The judge in the case said he did not believe the crimes were “racially aggravated”, adding that the race of the victims and their abusers was “coincidental”.

But Jack knows better. Who can guess what this creepy man harbours in the deepest recesses of his imagination? Er, oh we do now.

Some actual research here. Hat tip MartinJJB

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9 thoughts on “Jack Straw’s sex fantasy about dark men and white girls”

  1. On a side note, why is it so important for (nearly) every critic of the Afghan war to note that using drones is "cowardly"? It almost sounds as if killing any people, let alone killing civilians, was not wrong, the real vice being the usage of modern technology instead of a Merry Old Rifle… something that no leftist has in mind, I'm sure – it's just the right-wing rubbish about "honour" still present somewhere in the depths of our culture and penetrating our thoughts.

    'course, I did not mean this to criticize your deconstruction of Straw's gibberish nonsense (On a side note, does anybody too find it odd that such a smug Tory should bear the name of a mediaeval peasant rebel?).

  2. " It almost sounds as if killing any people, let alone killing civilians, was not wrong, …"

    Are you seriously saying that this is what's meant here?

    Warfare is particularly despicable when there's no chance for people to defend themselves. My feelings are that there is a qualitative difference in the use of drones that kill dozens of civilians while attempting to get one or two opponents.

    The key reason for use of drones — which has gone up massively under Obama — seems to be that there are no bodies coming home to disturb the voters.

    My key point in the blogpost is that if you are blowing up people indiscriminately on such a vast scale, it is in the interest of the aggressor to prevent sympathy developing at home for the victims, and sex predation is a good ol' standard on which to fall back.

  3. Vile hideous racism from Straw and Jack aint no stranger to racism. Back in 2006, he said Muslim women who wear the veil is a "visible statement of separation and of difference" and he asked women visiting his surgery to consider removing it. Straw is a complete arse! Always has been always will be and it is time he took a running jump out of politics.

    This kinda talk exposes the politics of distraction with the aim of appeasing racists ("ooo look over their..Pakistani men sexually abusing white girls"…)

    Vile stuff which can only fan the flames of hate.

  4. "Are you seriously saying that this is what's meant here?"

    No, 'course not – just that it some people could misunderstand the message this way. On a se You are right about the role of drones in the propaganda, so I refute my hasty response.

  5. Madam Miaow…this must be the first time ever we disagree. I'm hardly a fan of Tony Blair's favourite Blackburn poodle, but I think your reaction to Straw's words was way disproportionate and here is why.

  6. Hi Claude. Straw's selection of one group above all others feeds racists. I've already had racist trolls jumping aboard this bandwagon at mine — it provides the perfect excuse to put the boot in to all Asian men.

    Straw has immediately racialised a social sickness that manifests in different forms. After all, the vast majority of paedophiles are white. I've never been abused by Asian men, although some of their attitudes are toe-curling. But then so are many attitudes I hear from white guys.

    The Pakistani men from the two cases cited weren't fussy about whether it was white girls they abused. Availability and vulnerability seems to have been their criteria as there were ethnic women as well. But Straw invokes the myth of the black/foreign man and white women. This is what screams out no matter how he dresses it up.

    I don't think anyone is denying that there are problems in sections of all race groups, including Asian men, but to single out one above the others is to tarnish all males in that group.

  7. Believe me, I am no fan of Jack Straw. I believe him to be very narrow minded, but then, so are most Politicians, hence the vast amount of mistakes they make in their decision making process. However, I'm curious how the bloggers on this thread arrive at the fact that Straw is racist. He has made a comment about an issue that was featured on a BBC Panorama show a couple years ago, and that is the grooming of girls for all sorts of reasons including promotion of prostitution.
    The Panorama program particularly pointed to the fact that it was young Asian men in the thick of it, yet there wasn't the fall-out that Straw's comment has generated.
    There is no question that young men of all races are charged with testosterone, I was a young man myself once. And there is no question that Asian girls are off-limits. These things are a matter of fact. Hence young Asian men have no other place to go for their urges than the white female community to satisfy their urges.
    2 + 2 = 4 init?.
    Therefore Straws remarks are not racist, they are a matter of culturalism, are they not?


  8. Is there any particular reason why the sex gangs we hear about in court these days are all (or mostly) Asian? I'm not suggesting there are no white sex offenders (which would be a silly assertion) and I don't need to assure anybody that I'm not saying all Asian men are sex offenders. But if you type in to google "sex gang in court" each one of those stories has a common denominator.

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