St Ives Literature Festival 2010: Bob Deveraux and Ray Turner

A couple of quickie videos from this week’s St Ives Lit Fest.

A review of the awesomely funny Murray Lachlan Young to come.

Bob Deveraux performs “Consider A Wave”, accompanied by Paul Healy on flute, and Martyn Barker on guitar.

The second half of Ray Turner’s blues poem, accompanied by Charles Shaar Murray on slide guitar and Buffalo Bill Smith on harmonica.

Having a fab time. Wish you were here.

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2 thoughts on “St Ives Literature Festival 2010: Bob Deveraux and Ray Turner”

  1. It looks like its warmer there than last year. Jumpers are not been worn. So what's it like being back for what how many times have you been there? Its the St Ives thingmingig that you did Suzy Wong. Are you still doing her, and if not, what's wrong with Wong?

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