Tony Blair’s secret Iraq oil cash deal

Has this man no shame? Yeah, stupid question. What price human lives lost on all sides in an illegal war in Iraq? About £20 million since Tony Blair left office.

The Daily Mail reports:

Tony Blair waged an extraordinary two-year battle to keep secret a lucrative deal with a multinational oil giant which has extensive interests in Iraq. … also went to great efforts to keep hidden a £1million deal advising the ruling royal family in Iraq’s neighbour Kuwait. … They will increase concerns that Mr Blair is using his role as the West’s Middle East envoy for personal gain. … Critics also point out that a large proportion of his earnings comes from patrons in America and the Middle East – a clear benefit from forging a close alliance with George Bush during his invasion of Iraq. … Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker said: ‘These revelations show that our former Prime Minister is for sale – he is driven by making as much money as possible.”

We haven’t forgotten, though, that David Cameron’s Tories voted for this war. And John Major isn’t exactly poor off the back of his Middle East skirmishes as Prime Minister.

How about Inspector Knacker whisking Blair off to the Hague for war crimes? And make sure he has to spend his blood money on his defence.

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6 thoughts on “Tony Blair’s secret Iraq oil cash deal”

  1. Interesting that the SK oil exec with whom Oor Tone cut his deal has previously done time for corruption.

    Hey … NICE PALS you got these days, TB! Not like the good old days when you hung out with class acts like … errrrrm … George W Bush and Bono and Silvio Berlusconi …

  2. Whilst I don't agree with Mr. Divine re the Iraq War, but there again I'm not Kurd, I have to agree with him re Northern Ireland. As an Irish man from the South I know that many people hold Mr. Blair in very high regard. Credit were credit is due, he did bring peace to Northern Ireland.

  3. You don't believe any thing that the Daily Mail writes.. do you?

    All this criticism of Tony Blair is pure nonsense. He brought peace to Northern Ireland, prosperity to the UK and has made great inroads towards Middle East peace in his role of special envoy. Even the Iraq War has resulted in the demise of a truly evil Fascist state. he Kurds are now prospering after being subject to vicious oppression and are singing, 'Long live Tony Blair.' And they are far more numerous than a few cynical knockers.

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