Tony Blair’s payback: raking in the rewards

Tony Blair not mugging for the photographers. “I do not practise posing in the mirror.”

Virtue as its own reward is all very nice but you can’t beat money and power. Who’s this with the dead eyes and the shark smile cutting through finance and politics like a big eating machine?

Thanks to Splinty whose browsing found this item in the Daily Mail. Hold your nose, keep a bucket by you, and read about the insane avarice of the former holder of the highest office in the land.

We suspected that Tony Blair was bought and paid for but now he’s collecting his payback with a single-mindedness that is a marvel to behold. It’s like watching someone in swivel-eyed frenzy on a supermarket sweep knocking everyone out of the way while stuffing his trolley with as much crap as possible. Oops! There goes the British taxpayer. Oops! There go the Iraqi people. Oops! There go the Gazans.

No way am I ever having a go at the Jade Goody circus or Jonathan Ross’s greed or any other entertainment figure’s inflated income while Blair’s alive and collecting. At least showbiz celebs give some sort of pleasure and don’t get people killed. The Blairs’ almighty mania for acquisition and power has made them buddies with some of the nastiest despots around.

And now it’s payback time.

Although, something appears to be preying on his conscience. At a recent prayer meeting with Barack Obama, “Mr Blair made no fewer than 31 mentions of God, declaring: ‘In surrendering to God, we become instruments of his love.'”

Watch out for excessive washing of hands. No, Tony, that won’t wash out the blood. It might serve you better in the wee small hours of the night to ask yourself: what profit a man that he gain the world and goes loony-tunes?

What did you have to do for that, Tony?

Hey, leave the Chinese out of this

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