Weblog Awards 2008: two days to go

The 2008 Weblog AwardsClick on logo to vote Madam Miaow

A reminder to all my lovely readers that there are only two more days to go til it’s all over. That’s two more days to vote for your favourites.


So far, 620,000 votes have been cast, and 1.2 million visitors have perused 2 milllion page views in the Weblog Awards.

If everyone who read this blog — ever — voted, Madam Miaow would walk Best Culture Blog. As it is, I’m … oooh, only about 2,400 behind the leader. But, hey, mustn’t be pessimistic. You never know. 2,401 visitors might say, “That Madam Miaow. Sure is a fine read. I must spend the 15 seconds it takes to click here and vote for the darling in the face of some of those big boys and girls.”

It’s been a riot. This is only a small one-person operation in the vastness of the blogosphere, and I’m up against some giants. But it’s great the way the Weblog awards competition opens it up for all-comers. I’m currently neck and neck for sixth place and, exciting as it is, it would be very nice we could at least widen the gap.

To vote for me, please click on the logo above or here

You might also like to vote for Neil Clark who was winner of the Best UK Blog 2007 but is way behind right-wing blogger Melanie Philips this time around.

I’m also recommending a vote in the category of Best Middle East or Africa Blog for Informed Comment.

Please vote for Slacker Chic in Best Fashion Blog for her wit and irreverance and as a much-deserved reward for keeping me entertained.

Remember, you are allowed to vote once per computer every 24 hours.

A huge thank you to everyone who’s voting — you are stars.

Madam Miaow says … visit Anna Chen’s website here:


Anna’s food blog here:

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