Madam Miaow on BBC Radio London: Chinese in Britain

Chinese sailors, early 20th century

Late notice for this one. I’m on today’s BBC Radio London Drivetime programme giving an overview of the history of the Chinese in Britain as part of their Chinese week.

17:20, Monday 14th July, BBC Radio London 94.9FM

Listen for seven days on BBC Radio London, Kath & Eddie
At the Radio London index click on BBC London “Listen Again” (box on right of window). BBC Player appears in a window. Click on “Mon” underneath the listing, “Drivetime with Eddie and Kath”. I was on around 17:10, so near the beginning of the programme (5-7pm).

STOP PRESS: OK, that was short and sweet. Kicked off a bit early but gave five minutes on Shen Fou-tsong, the first documented Chinese in Britain in 1686. He was the Jesuit convert who helped the Bodleian Library understand its own collection of Chinese books acquired in the 17th century, and whose portrait hangs in the Queen’s collection.

Also covered the myth of Chinatown and the early Chinese communities that sprung up around Cardiff, Liverpool and London docks. Mentioned how the British labour movement in the early 20th century was openly racist and excluded the Chinese, leading to the Chinese Seaman’s Union being formed with the help of, among others, my late father. Integrity, guts and honour. I’m proud of you, Dad!

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