PHOTOS: The Steampunk Opium Wars premiére gallery

These are the first photos from The Steampunk Opium Wars staged Thursday 16th February 2012 to almost 300 people at the National Maritime Museum.

Photographs by Jan Jefferies taken on my Lumix TZ20 camera except where stated.

To see these full size, click on the first pic and then click on the full-size photo to advance to the next one, and so on.

The Steampunk Opium Wars pages:
The Steampunk Opium Wars Home Page
The Company: who we are and how to find us.
Gallery: debut performance at the National Maritime Museum.
VIDEO: Lin Zexu Just Says No!
VIDEO: Britannia sings “Money”
VIDEO: Gary Lammin presents the Hackney Tea Ceremony
VIDEO: Anna Chen sings Anna May Wong Must Die!
VIDEO: Anna Chen sings The Camellia & the Poppy
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