AVAILABLE IN THE UK: Anna Chen’s talk on the history of the Chinese Diaspora In Britain. Includes the fascinating stories of the first Chinese visitors to Britain such as the Jesuit priest Michael Shen Futsong in the 17th century; Anna’s father and the politics of the time including the seafarers, Liverpool and his early role in London’s Chinatown; the opium wars and the East India Trading Company; how Chinese scientific and cultural innovations affected Europe; the Hong Kong handover; the current changing political balance in the UK and representation in the arts; and the Fu Manchu Yellow Peril scare. Plus poetry.

Far from being cowed, craven and submissive as depicted in popular culture, Anna shows that the Chinese in Britain were able to resist exploitation: her own father helped to found the Chinese Seaman’s Union and was active in the Save China campaign during the Japanese occupation of China. Anna has given the talk to University of California students in London, the University of Westminster and is availabe for bookings.

ALSO: The Life and Crimes of Anna May Wong, legendary Hollywood star and the most famous Chinese woman in the world in the 1920s and 30s including her performances in Britain and her last silent film, Piccadilly, made in the UK.

POETRY AGAINST THE MACHINE workshop. At the end of two hours, you’ll have the start of a poem. Delivered to The Orwell Prize-hosted Wigan Pier Workshops in 2013. Another one expected in 2014.

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Anna is booked into the Bookwork Literary Festival in China, 13-22 March 2015. Details to come.

TEDxEAST END 24th January 2015. Anna Chen on Migration and Diversity: a banker, a worker and an immigrant are sitting at a table …

Being Human Festival: Anna Chen talks about Chinese comedy in culture debate
“Ha ha ha? Laughter and Humour Across Languages and Time.”
Tuesday 18th November 2014.

More or Less Asian? debate at Asia House, Wednesday 12th November 2014.

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