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Anna’s poetry gig at YW8 launch, The Proud Archivist, Saturday 26 April

I am performing at the YW8 launch at The Proud Archivist in east London tomorrow. I’ll be doing some of the funnier poetry rather than the political stuff. It’s a new arts centre on the Regents Canal just off Kingland … Continue reading

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Anna Chen’s “Poetry Against the Cuts” workshop week comencing 7 October

I’m delighted to be giving my “Poetry Against the Cuts” class at The Orwell Prize Wigan Pier Workshops in the week commencing 7 October. Paul Anderson is also on the bill giving a talk on the history of journalism and … Continue reading

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Royal baby birth poem: Eating Placenta

Don’t ever accuse me of being behind on the news. I’ve been keeping up with the momentous event via regular reports from The Onion, and very grateful I am too. Otherwise I might have missed it. As poet laureate of … Continue reading

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Greg Palast likes Anna Chen’s “heavily armed” poetry

Look what that nice Mr Palast wrote about Reaching for my Gnu in Vice Magazine. “Anna Chen’s poetry wears wet leathers, red lipstick, stilettos – and is heavily armed. Her slim volume, Reaching for My Gnu, is filled with what … Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher Died at the Ritz: May Day poetry from Anna Chen

May Day in London and Anna Chen’s first public reading of her poem “Margaret Thatcher Died at the Ritz”, written on the day news broke that the former prime minister had died … at the Ritz! (12 April 2013) Thanks … Continue reading

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Anna at Farrago Poetry: Poe, Daddy Freud, Travelogue, Detox St Ives

Anna performs “Poe,” Daddy Freud,” Travelogue” and “Ode to a Detox” from her collection Reaching for my Gnu as a guest poet at the Farrago Poetry Slam, RADA Café in London, 9th November 2012

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