Why we need to look at the Super Rich: BBC’s Britain on the Fiddle is a disgrace

Madam Miaow’s Culture Lounge on the Super Rich, the real Britain the Fiddle, on Resonance FM.

You’d suspect all that talk about the BBC being left-biased is a crock designed to take our eyes off what the corporation is doing in service to the Tory mindset.

Their new series, “Britain on the Fiddle”, sticks it to the poor again. Their blurb implies that we lose £20bn per year to benefit cheats. (It’s actually £1bn while £16bn goes unclaimed.)

It’s a national disgrace – £20 billion stolen from the state in 2012 by fraudsters. Richard Bilton goes on the front line with investigators chasing a woman who won £95,000 in a game show but did not stop claiming benefits.

The disgrace is that this is more smoke and mirrors taking our eye off who’s wreaking havoc with the economy. Only this month, the Royal Mail was sold to private interests at a loss of an estimated £1.6 BILLION while the banks advising the government received not only a £17mn fee, but sold the shares they bought at the knock-down price for a profit of £29mn.

Vodaphone, Boots, Amazon, Ideos, Starbucks all escape paying proper tax while people already on the breadline are charged more than £60 per moth for a measly extra bedroom. Building more homes might be a more civilised solution to the housing crisis.

And pressure on companies to pay a living wage to their workers would do wonders to get people off the dole … if only the government, whose job it is to create jobs, would do their job instead of blaming desperate people for not finding jobs that don’t exist because the government isn’t doing its job. Big jobs all round.

Join me for Madam Miaow’s Culture Lounge this Tuesday 5th Novemebr when Aditya Chakrabortty and Kate Belgrave will be looking at the Super Rich. With Charles Shaar Murray.

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Above: Tax the Rich: an animated fairy tale narrated by Ed Asner, produced by the California Teachers Association and recommeded by the Ripped Off Britons blog.

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