Margaret Thatcher Died at the Ritz: poetry video

Anna performs “Margaret Thatcher Died at the Ritz”. Recorded 11 July 2013 in her Pop-Up Poetry collection.

Anna Chen’s Pop-Up Poetry video collection 2013
I Am Rich and You Are Poor
Credit Crunch Suicide

This is a new poem that will be in Anna’s next poetry book. You can buy her first “brilliant and dangerous” collection, Reaching for my Gnu, for Kindle on Amazon here. In good old-fashioned analogue hard copy (pub Feb 2013).

UK Kindle — £2.99
UK Paperback — £9.99
US Kindle — $4.99

“Brilliant and dangerous. Anna Chen operates one wild-ride roller coaster that soars to altitudes of unfettered wit and then plunges with a startling and implacably knowing anger … an unerring sense of history uniquely coupled with a perception that’s as topical as tomorrow.” MICK FARREN

“Anna Chen is fighting the good fight with fierce, funny, moving and sulphurous poems. You wouldn’t want to cross her, but you want to read her.” HEATHCOTE WILLIAMS

” … heartfelt, funny, satirical, accessible and strong.” LABOUR BRIEFING

“… a strange rendezvous of language, wit, and the imagination. … She fully integrates the movingly personal, the vibrantly social and the diablolically political. Her rhyming is frequently quasi-Byronic, full of surprise and acerbic invention … Burning words, full of life and truth.” CHRIS SEARLE MORNING STAR

“Anna Chen’s poetry wears wet leathers, red lipstick, stilettos – and is heavily armed. Her slim volume, Reaching for My Gnu, is filled with what I’d call ‘strap-on poems’. They look like an evening’s easy pleasure but are far more painful and unforgettable than you’d bargained for.” GREG PALAST in VICE MAGAZINE

“Fucking brilliant. I couldn’t put it down.” WILKO JOHNSON

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