Archive pictures: Anna onstage

Anna Chen Magic FundoshiAnna as Benten, Goddess of Love in The Magic Fundoshi

 Anna as Sandra in Beautiful Thing, The Albany Theatre, Deptford

Anna and Jaimie Zubari as Sandra and Tony in Beautiful Thing at The Albany Theatre, Deptford

Anna in Suzy Wrong Human Cannon at the Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Anna as the Taikonaut, BAC Studio, London

 Anna’s first stand-up performance. The Washington, London

 Anna and Charles Shaar Murray at China In Britain, Westminster University

Anna introduces Chi2 at City Showcase, London

Anna at the Terracotta Warriors exhibition, British Museum

Anna MCs British Museum Late

David Lee Jones and Anna in The Other Shore, Diorama Theatre

Stand-up comedy at the Lions’ Den

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  1. Mal Bone says:

    Amazed to view your website, still looking if i’m honest.
    I wonder, do you remember one of the D.J.’s working @ Mr. P’s for sadly missed and very dear Eddie Norman sometime around the mid 70’s ?… I’m sure i can recall a track by The Incredible Alex Harvey Band that no one i ever knew could dance to, except you!!!!…
    Lot’s of ‘cool’ memories from those day’s and just dropped in to say high and, keep it up.

    All the very best, Mal.

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