Anna May Wong Must Die: dates

Dates and history for Anna Chen’s one-woman show, Anna May Wong Must Die!.

Anna May Wong Must Die
Swindon Arts Centre
8pm, April 10th 2012

New Diorama Theatre, London NW1
Thursday 10th Nov 2011 19:30
Saturday 12th Nov 2011 20;30
Performed on-script as a work-in-progress
Live music accompaniment from Charles Shaar Murray and Marc Jefferies
Part of True Heart Theatre’s In The Mirror season
Photos here

ANNA MAY WONG MUST DIE! Work continues apace. Anna will be reading the new opening for her show plus her short stories at the St Ives Literature Festival, St Ives Arts Club, 6.30pm, Monday 3rd May 2010. (Moved from Sunday 2nd)

Anna performs Anna May Wong Must Die! at the St Ives Arts Cub, Westcotts Quay, St Ives, Cornwall, TR26, 7pm, as part of the St Ives Arts Festival. Tickets: £6.00 More Info: 01736 797122
Venue: St Ives Arts Club, Westcotts Quay
Time: 7pm
Tickets: £6 from the Guildhall festival box-office
Info: 01736 797122

Roxy Bar & Screen, Borough.
Film critic Jasper Sharp, of the website Midnight Eye, introduces a screening of Piccadilly (1929), her best known British film, as part of an Anna May Wong themed night at the Roxy.
Writer and performer Anna Chen presents an extract from Anna May Wong Must Die!, a personal journey through the life and crimes of the Hollywood screen legend and a multimedia illustrated reorientation of Anna May Wong. Extending her recent BBC Radio 4 profile of the actress, A Celestial Star In Piccadilly, Anna reveals how Wong and the Chinese were depicted in films and what they were up against during Yellow Peril fever in this personal appreciation of the world’s first Chinese movie star.
Shanghai sounds from Resonance FM Lucky Cat DJ, Zoe Baxter
Drinks provided by the Akashi Sake Brewery.
Entry £4, cash on the door only.
There are table reservations for dinner however, so if anyone wants to reserve a table they can via or 020 7407 4057.
26 May 2009 at 19:00
The Roxy Bar & Screen
128-132 Borough High Street
London SE1 1LB,
United Kingdom
Video extract here

The Salthouse Gallery, St Ives.
Anna May Wong Must Die!, a personal journey through the life and crimes of the Hollywood screen legend, has its preview at The Salthouse Gallery, St Ives in Cornwall this Friday 8th May at 7pm. £6. Part of the St Ives Literary Festival
To see a video extract of the preview show, click here

Resonance 104.4FM
Had a great time hosting the weekly Lucky Cat hour at Resonance 104.4FMthis evening thanks to my guests Merlene Emerson and Jasper Sharp, and Zoe Baxter who invited me along and drove the desk.
I talked about a range of topics from Anna May Wong — including material I didn’t have time to cover in my recent Radio 4 profile of the Hollywood legend — to the 5th anniversary of the Morecambe Bay disaster when 23 Chinese cocklepickers died in icy waters off the north east coast of England.
My guests were Jasper Sharp — east Asian film expert — and Merlene Emerson who has helped raise funds for the victims’ families and campaigns on migrants rights in the UK.

Anna May Wong: A Celestial Star In Piccadilly
Anna Chen writes and presents a half-hour profile of Hollywood’s first Chinese movie star for BBC Radio 4, produced by Culture Wise.
Broadcast 11:30, Tuesday 13th January 2009. Chosen as Pick of the Week by BBC R4, Guardian Guide, The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday.

Anna’s article about Anna May Wong and her time in England where she made Piccadilly (1929) This was Anna May’s last silent movie and her most highly acclaimed. Written to accompany Anna’s BBC radio programme about Anna May Wong, A Celestial Star In Piccadilly, which introduced the forgotten Hollywood legend to a new generation of radio audiences.

Anna’s review and analysis of The Good Earth, the 1937 Hollywood blockbuster based on Pearl S Buck’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. Anna May Wong lobbies hard for the starring role of O-Lan, the wife, but as soon as a caucasian actor, Paul Muni, is cast as the husband, miscegenation rules means her efforts are doomed. The role goes instead to Swedish actress Luise Rainer who gets the Oscar.

2007/2008: BBC commissions Anna’s proposal for A Celestial Star In Piccadilly, a profile of Anna May Wong, focusing on the making of her last silent film, Piccadilly.

2005: BBC turns down Anna’s first attempt to make a programme on Anna May Wong in time for her birth centenary in 2005.

Anna and photographer Sukey Parnell create a tribute to Hollywood legend Anna May Wong for her centenary in 2005. Photograph here.

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